Friday, 3 August 2007


So after squelching around for about four days on wet carpet I'm back in the flat. I was actually in The Tate Modern the Friday the deluge of 1" of rain in 1 hour happened. I know. How 'Bouge' is that? It was a very interesting exhibition, actually, about how 50% of the world's population now lives in a city and how urbanism is changing society and the environment...fwah, fwah..... When I came out it was just raining normally - I had missed the whole thing! I was oblivious until my landlords called to say they had emptied about 40 buckets of water out of my basement flat!!
I only lost a few papers that were in the floor and some of the table legs soaked up a bit too much moisture and had to go. My landlords were marvelous and got the sanitiser peeps in straight away so nothing smells musty at all. But when I watched the news and saw all those poor people who have lost everything....I have to say I felt very lucky indeed.

The smoking ban is GREAT! However, now everyone smokes in the street - cough!! And I’m tripping over ciggy butts on the pavement. Eeuuw! So now we have a new environmental problem. I guess I have to get INSIDE the pubs more now to get away from the smoke!! ☺

I’m planning on going to the Delabole Wind Fair in Cornwall on the 18th August. Delabole has the UK’s first wind farm and there will be a fair from 11am – 6pm it’s near Camelford. Entry is FREE. There’s going to be lots of stuff about renewable energy and green lifestyles. Link for deets to the left as per...

I hope to rent one of London’s first green hire cars to drive down to Cornwall. I had called the private car service GREEN TOMATOES to see if I could rent one of their Prius – or is it Prii?. I spoke to Jonny who told me they do not rent out cars ☹ but mentioned GREEN MOTION, a brand new green hire car service. They aren’t really up and running yet, so I think I’m going to be one of their first customers!
Can I take a moment here to say how friendly and open and lovely just plain CUSTOMER SERVICE orientated green business peeps are? I just love the LOVE that is spread around between people who want to share what they know about sustainable living, or the service they are providing and share it with a smile. Having spent so many years in the USA, it’s frustrating and so sad sometimes to come back here and have to deal with the ‘Computer Says No’ generation.
At Green Tomato Cars, Jonny and I were chatting away about life, love and a green planet and how the Prius has emerged over the last few years. When we bought a Prius in LA four years ago, we were in the minority. There was Ed Begley Jnr, Tom Hanks, Leonardo Di Caprio, y'know, a few famous bods - and US(!), I think. We would drive around the city, all self-righteous, and ‘thumbs up’ the other Prius's [Prii? What IS it?] I think I blogged about that before... ANYWAY: The last time I was there in February, I must have seen 10 hybrids every time I went out. Jonny says that 4 of his family have bought a Prius in the last 18 months or so…that is a LOT.
Oooh it warms the cockles of me naughty bits!!

Anyway, Lovely Lynn at Green Motion is looking for a killer deal for me so that it doesn’t COST THE EARTH [I'm so funny] to greenly drive down to Cornwall next week. How green can you get? Now if I can find an ECO B&B I will be SO smug!

The other day a businessman asked me if I could advise him on how to save energy in his business. He sells ink cartridges for printers; by his own admission not a very ‘green’ thing, but he wanted to know more about the areas he could be more environmentally friendly and asked if I would 'eco consult' for him. With what I’ve learned – just from researching for this blog and my TV show [more on that coming soon….] I can certainly advise on all things eco and if I don’t know the answer, I’ll go and find it for you. You will end up with a folder full of green solutions and websites to help you reduce your carbon footprint and lower your energy bills. If you need me to find a guy to install your solar panels – actually already know one!! HA! - I can set that up for you too!
Email me.

As I keep emphasising; it’s the accumulation of individuals doing all the little green things for themselves that is going to turn this planet around!!

I'm going to be at the next Green Drinks meeting in Soho at 6.15pm on the 14th. Full details at Link to the left. Would love to see you there!

A last design tip before I go.
I know they are in the States but I just have to talk about this GORGEOUS furniture I have found in NY. I want! I want! The company is called VIVAVI and it’s all sustainable wood and organic sateen sheets and all…….yuuummmm!!!


Nelson Aspen said...

I interviewed Leonardo DiCaprio for his brilliant new eco-mentary, THE 11th HOUR and even Warner Brothers got into the enviro-spirit for the junket. They had recyclable trash cans in every interview and waiting room and the studio goody-bags contained soy-candles and samples of an organic vodka. Instead of videotape press kits, we were urged instead to download our clips from their website. Smart, simple, easy little changes in publicity format that quickly add up to a huge difference.

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