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How appropriate that we Blog Action Day Bloggers are, all 15,000 of us, blogging about the environment 3 days after Al Gore’s won the Noble Peace Prize?

This stuff just writes itself, I tell ya!!

I, for one, cannot help wondering what a different world we would be living in post 9/11 had Al Gore been allowed his place in the Whitehouse in 2000.
Quel tragique, you might say?!!
But in hindsight, we can see he has used the last 7 years to create a platform on the world stage as an environmentalist. He has shown the world – in the wake of a terrible war in Iraq started on a bunch of lies - that we face a far greater threat even that terrorism and that is the threat we ourselves pose to the planet we live on.

Some have criticized his Nobel win because his work has not been about world peace.
Well HELLO!!
The blind ignorance with which many nations and individuals will just keep on using the planet’s resources until they all run out (oh well) and all the endangered species are gone (whatever) is staggering. 'Cos as you know (and I quote Mr Gore) "It's difficult to get people to believe something when their paycheck depends on them not believing it."
Well, it’s just pathetic!
Even as I write, an army of auto industry lobbyists is swarming over Capitol Hill. Their mission is to strangle a clean energy bill before we can enjoy better gas mileage and more renewable energy. Wars in the future will be fought not for oil (because that really will be gone, gone, gone) but for water and food supplies. Due to climate change, these resources we presently take for granted, will be in very short supply. A few corrupt corporations will own the rights to them. Coke a Cola are buying up the world’s water supply rights as I blog…

There will always be climate change skeptics and I think smart, educated researchers and writers like Bjorn Lomborg are worth taking notice of but I say we could all be making more informed choices about the way we use the planets resources. Where's the harm in that?

In 2000 I wanted Al Gore to win the presidency because one of his goals was to eliminate the internal combustion engine by 2020. A crazy thought 7 years ago. HOW would we ever achieve THAT? But now it’s an idea that might just happen on it’s own. Fancy that!! It could happen despite an uncaring U S president who couldn’t bring himself to sign the Kyoto Agreement.

Many have called for Mr Gore to run for president again, but I wonder if his position as a statesman might be better used when concentrated on this one very important issue. He has found his vocation. Having a single clear mission can make one more focused and therefore more successful. Bill Clinton lamented the fact that 8 years in office did not give him enough time to complete all the projects he was presented with. It’s just too big a job. I’m sure poor old GW feels the same way, but I say “Thank God for that!" He’s done enough damage for the next guy – or woman – to take care of!

I don't think he will run for president again but I think Mr Gore’s Noble Prize win is fantastic.
Congratulations Al!

It’s a win for him, his campaign and a win for the planet.
I raise a glass of (organic/fairtrade) champagne to that!

My dear friend in LA and friend to all the green stars, Nelson Aspen
I get a mensh!! Hurrah
and Super Friend and Super Cook Kay Plunkett-Hogge

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Nelson said...

If there is any silver lining to the dark cloud of Mr. Gore's stolen presidency, it's that it provided him with the time and opportunity to do his wonderful work on behalf of our environment.

Pulp. It. said...


Great post. I agree that he is putting his "energy" to good use as a statesmen and environmentalist..and Oscar winner(!) and probably won't run for president. I have been so impressed with what he has chosen to do with his life. As I have been impressed with President Carter and his endeavors post-presidency.

Keep up the posting. Blog is looking and sounding good!