Sunday, 25 November 2007


Here's the latest installment of the eco house in Notting Hill. It's all coming along...

In the next post, I'll be reporting on some gorgeous green Christmas gift ideas

But in the meantime check out the GOOD GIFTS website.
Last year I decided to bypass all the gorgeously expensively twinkly packaged things in the shops that are SO only there to entice us into buying STUFF for our friends and family - this bypassing being very hard for a stylish Designer Girl who loves her gorgeous things...because you know as well as I that these things are so rar
ely anything we have a real need for...right?

Eco Warrioress gave instead gifts of a more ethi
cal, green and less consumery nature.
My mum loves her garde
n, so I bought her a meadow of flowers; my environmentalist friend got an acre of rainforest and a few matcho blokes got a ten quid shot of bull semen for a cow in Africa -
You get the picture!

This year Good Gifts have a list of stocking fillas so that for a small 'stocking filler' price you can put in a little card in that says you have bought a homeless person some socks or given to a medical fund for street children. No expensive wrapping paper that gets thrown away, just a card on recycled paper that describes the gift. LOVE that!!

I found that the words inside the card always brought a smile to the recipient's face and evoked a conversation about the real meaning of Christmas and what giving to those who are truly in need really means to us all. Ahhhh....

ALRIGHT! That's enough of that.... I'm off to look at more Christmassy ideas...
and here's a few gorgeous green things for you to consider too....


See, I'm still not so much into the 'hempy' 'granola' look of eco so will always bring you the sexy and the stylish if I can....Last week I met the young and gorgeous Joshua who owns KANZI HOME. (KANZI means 'treasure' in Swahili ) and his website is FABulous. He is based in Newcastle and is not yet in a lot of stores but I'm so happy to have found this fabulous interiors, accessories and gifts website! Gorgeous!

As wel
l as carrying cushions and cubes made from recycled car seat belts, gorgeous lampshades made from recycled paper and many ethical/fairtrade items, also has some lovely festive bits for your table top and tree.

Kanzi Home also carries SA8000 certified products. This is a rigorously audited human rights and social welfare programme (similar to Fairtrade) that give jobs to communities in need. Most of Kanzi's products are made in Thailand.

There is 10% off any online orders made before Christmas.


I will be visiting my friend Sam Robinson over Christmas to learn more about her eco fashion company, but in the meantime she is having a SALE.

Organic Clothing - wholesale & 50% off retail
earth & sky

Read all about her amazing fashion philosophies in this article in APPAREL NEWS...oh and Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, Angelina Jolie & Cameron Diaz love her stuff too!

Heather, Jenni, Rochelle, Emma, Alison, Andrea, April, Bootsey, Carolyn, Casey, Celeste, Celia, Claire, Collette, Eleanor, Hilary, Julien, Linda, Miriam, LInnea and Sarah; if you go, do please comment on the blog and tell us all about it!


Ron Robins said...

I like the idea of greening one's life and congratulate you for your efforts to help others achieve that.

Similarly, I'm doing something in my own way too in this regard. I cover all the latest global green investing news at

Some readers could get some green investing gift ideas there as well.

Best wishes, Ron Robins

Kay said...

Hi Alexandra,
Great blog! I love Good Gifts- last year I got 2 toilets from my sister in law ( in Africa, not for me!!) and my mother in law took out a micro loan for some women in Kenya to start a co-operative. Wonderful gifts.

At this time of year I think one of the things we do is not only over eat, but over cook...and I have discovered a winderful website- Check it out fro some great ideas on using leftovers and conserving fuel.

Have a great Christmas!