Friday, 8 February 2008

More Eco Heroes, some Zeros and A Load of Rubbish!!

THE DAILY GREEN recently listed the 10 hottest GREEN CELEBRITIES. Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio were on it of course, as is my friend Ed Begley Jr who is famous for shunning the stretched limo and cycling to award shows.


It remains to be seen what he will do if/when he gets to the Whitehouse, but in response to a comment that was posted to my last blog I want to declare that this week that finally, finally, after 7 1/2 years of lies and denial from the Bush Administration about Global Warming (because it doesn't suit their domestic and economic policies - whatEVER!!) FINALLY, I saw for the first time that Barack Obama could be the man that effects the change the world is waiting for. Because where America leads, whether we like it or not, the rest of the world follows!
All the presidental candidate hopefuls want to include in their stump speeches what they are going to do about the environment, but With SUPER TUESDAY being so ...well, super, Barack Obama will be getting my vote for not just his views and plans for a greener healthier planet, but cos, well, the guy can give a speech!!

And check out the YES WE CAN video by from the Black Eyed Peas.
It gave me chills.
And I'm so proud because my lovely friend in Los Angeles, Rob Nagle, works for Jesse Dylan (dir and son of Bob) and did a lot of the pre and post production. He says there are more interviews and videos to come.
Can't wait!!

"We are the ones we've been waiting for"

"We are the change we seek"

Closer to home:


On Tuesday 12th February at The Dana Centre at 7pm - 9pm is The Rubbish Game
I went to the last Rubbish Game in January and our team won the Recycle Your Rubbish section. We built a pirate ship. The Jolly Recycler was made from a vanilla essence bottle, a champagne cork cage, a bicycle repair kit and a shoe horn. Arrrrgh!!
The evening was led by a team of recycling and rubbish 'experts' and in teams of four the participants were challenged to find ways to reuse a whole bunch of things we usually throw away. There were some very inventive and fun ideas that all served to illustrate that if you put your mind to it, there are a lot of things we can Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Go, go next Tuesday, you will have fun!!

Oh, there is going to be so much to blog about over the coming well as my coffee with Joan Ruddock MP in a few weeks, there will be ECO BUILD at Earls Court. (February 26th - 28th). I have been trying out some new eco (spring) cleaning products that are coming to my attention and I'm starting proposals for a show flat ZED Homes in North London and an Eco Lodge in Dominica in The West Indies.

I also want to talk about some of the GORGEOUS eco fashion
that is finally coming to the market.

A year ago I was lamenting the fact that I may have to present my green lifestyle TV show in baggy organic cotton yoga pants - but NO MORE!! The fashionistas are catching up with the demand for not just fair trade and ethical clothing but for stuff that LOOKS JUST LIKE high street fashion, at high street prices but is made from sustainable fabrics.
And it's FAB-U-LOUS!!

For example Darlings, couldn't resist: Had to post this photo of this cute boy, I mean, guy in his gorgeous hemp suit from Rawganique - HELL-OHH!!

Just a taster ladies, and there will be more gorgeous things for you to wear too, don't worry...
Look to the left here for a list of GREEN FASHION links.

Another piece of beefcake, but not my type, I'm afraid...

Listen, loves, I'm no prude, how-EVER is it me, or is there something slightly obscene about this photo? Please don't try to tell me that it is NOT Photoshopped!!

I've never been a fan of the Beckhams, don't give them much attention usually, but the British environmental group Carbon Trust has awarded David Beckham the title of Largest Carbon Footprint in human history.


Due to his extensive air travel (more that 250,000 miles last year) and fleet of 15 cars (Lincoln Navigator, Hummer, Porsche - Uch!!), the group claims Becks is responsible for 18 times more tons of carbon dioxide than the average person.

Now, I don't expect David to stop traveling, but I would like to see him try to put Posh in a Prius—he'd probably have more luck stopping global warming.

Eco Warrioress can't help wondering too what kind of carbon Brangelina and Leo rack up on their saving the world travels!!!
Any thoughts?


REVAMPT new Valentines Day range has some very cute recycled vintage fabric ideas for your Sweetheart.
Lovely things for a lovely day, which are lovely for the planet too.
Lavender Hearts, Love cushions, Heart Totes and other goodies for those who love to love.


Joanna said...

The Rubbish Game at the Dana Centre sounds fun - and a good example of inspiring people to think creatively about how to reduce carbon emissions.

Innovation and creative thinking is at the heart of the Big Green Challenge, which asks people to work together to develop new approaches that will lead towards a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions in their communities.

The deadline for entering the Big Green Challenge is 29 February 2008 and you can find out more at

Niall said...

Hi..saw your performance on Doctors yesterday (BBC 1 13 Feb) and made a point of checking the credits to find out your name..I watch the regularly as i'm a professional artist and have my little black and white TV as company whilst i work...also my wife is an actress and does some work for Doctors as an extra. Anyway..I loved your part..great fun i should imagine?.

Great blog by the way!

adrian2514 said...

Hey just stopping by to get my dose of green info. Always good stuff here! Love it. I know I have mentioned this site before but I think they are pretty cutting edge so I wanted to share this page:

I was hoping that someone could drop me a link of other reports that might tell us about how much time is left before we can’t fix global warming? has a pretty could article here but I want some other opinions. Man just think how the bad will be if we don’t prevent this. EarthLab has quite a few tips on how to lower your impact, here is a spot where they list what their readers recommend:

Thanks a lot for all your info and drop me a link if you guys see anything on these subjects.