Thursday, 18 September 2008


Yes Greenies, I'm back down in London from UUP NORTH for a while and back on the eco trail. I've got lots to tell you about as the Greenies are all about in force these days.

I went to 100% Design at Earl's Court and met lots of new eco, green and stylish designers and last weekend went to the Landmark Eco Fair in Teddington where there were some new and old friends to blog about... That's all coming up in the next few weeks...

In the meantime I have to rave about my new ECO vacuum cleaner!!!

I have to say I'm not a clean freak like some I could mention. A bit of a dust round with an e-cloth, of course, and a swift once over with The Henry usually does for me - til now!! Electrolux have come up with two new 'ENVIROVAC' vacuum cleaners. Efficient yet affordable, the new models are the vacuum cleaning equivalent of energy saving light bulbs! The bagged version (£69.99) uses 50% less energy than a standard upright cleaner. I chose the bagless model (£99.99) which uses 30% less energy while claiming to be 20% more efficient.

Clever design and thoughtful innovation has allowed Electrolux to reduce energy consumption without sacrificing high cleaning performance. I whipped round my flat and filled the bucket the first time!! Who knew I was walking on so much cat hair?

Like new cars, new appliances are becoming more and more energy efficient. As manufacturers tap into the idea that new products need to be just as good at what they do and use less energy the argument can be made that trading in an old less efficient model for a new one made with the environment in mind, will cost you less in utility bills and pollute less at the same time

So I know I left you dangling there for a few weeks but trust me I have been kept very busy.
I have been reviewing some of the new green and energy saving products for sale on line at The Good Energy Shop.
Read them here.
I will also be contributing regularly to Self The Sustainable Lifestyle & Self-Build magazine.
I'll keep you posted with updates.


kay said...

Can I just ask if anyone else is having problems with Ecover washing tabs CRUMBLING???

Rochelle Rose said...

Can you post links to your articles in 'self'.