Tuesday, 30 June 2009

New Old Jewelry

How about this gorgeous cuff I just treated myself to from Verde Rocks available at Planet Threads.

I love it!!

The "Olympia Cuff" I'm wearing is from... "New "old stock" is the term used for vintage components that were made for the jewelry industry years ago and were not used. These were stored away for decades and never circulated for manufacturing! Such a great idea to use what has already been manufactured -- VerdeRocks rocks the light footprint."

Planet Threads doesn't just do jewelry they have lots of eco designers of women's and men's fashions and accessories, handbags, interiors and kids stuff.

Finally designers are coming up with fashion that is fashionab
le!! I mean I love retro as much as the next person, but too much of the hippy thing can make the flowers in my hair wilt!!


kaycooks said...

LOVE that cuff,girl! Verde Rocks is a great company.

Envirogirl said...

Absolutely love these stunning eco-designs!

Machja said...

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I can guarantee you the high quality, since I work for the company. :)