Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Long The Short and The Green of It...

First of all GREAT BIG APOLS to all my Eco Readers!
Where the *&%$ have I been for going on 18 months?
The short answer is: MAKING A MOVIE
see here
and I'm now a Screenwriter/Film Director/Producer type....

But I do think about green things still. Still dream about the Dutch barge I'm going to convert and live on one day.... With the Tall Handy Man of My Dreams obvs.... but a Green Girl can get busy and be re-inspired about designing and building and cushions by my lovely SE London friends, Victoria and Peter, who have bought a house in France and are renovating it (beautifully) on a shoestring

But here's the PIECE OF RESISTANCE! (Soz Pete and Vic)

OMG OMG OMG! Loving it. While I'd never quite go NATIVE in the Welsh countryside like these folk you have to say ahhhhhh at the jaw dropping beauty of the HOBBIT HOUSE that cost about £2000 to build. Yes, only two thousand smackers!  Heaven!

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