Saturday, 3 November 2007


I'm doing vlogs, Darling, VLOGS!!!!

This week marks the start of my video log about an eco renovation in Notting Hill. The mews house belongs to Jamie Eynon, director and project manager of London's Best Builders. He is using the expertise of his business partner Ben Nickell of Greensteps. They have formed a partnership to renovate houses in a totally green and eco way. I'm so excited to follow them because every project will have the best insulation, best heating and cooling systems and the lowest possible energy bills AND (and Eco Warrioress loves this part) will STILL be FABulously stylish.

Jamie's house is their inaugural venture into the eco building world and I'm going to be there to document it!
Here is the first installment:


I had a great time speaking about green design and the eco lifestyle that we can all have at the Sustainability Show at O2 last weekend. It's always fun to talk about something I feel so passionate about. I want to say thank you to David and Doug for giving me such an excellent opportunity. Thanks, guys.

In the coming weeks I will be blogging about Chantal Cooke of PASSION RADIO, Indrajit Shah of PACKAGING ENVIRONMENTAL who is making environmentally friendly, biodegradable packaging made from renewable sources - what is says on the box, really - no pun intended!!

My friends at Ethical Junction had a stand as did Peter Rocu with the ECOPOD
and Natural Death Centre. (Do you remember I blogged about biodegradable coffins after Anita Roddick passed away?)

In the art and design area, my friends Helen from One Eco Interiors and Sarah from REVAMPT shared a stand and a sculptor called Ptolemy who makes fantastic animal sculptures out of recycled hubcaps was another stand out.

RECOUP D'ETAT played live and sold their CD's packaged in recycled crisp packets that had been washed and turned inside out...More to come on all of those green ventures...

I'm so glad to be able to announce that Green Motion are up and running - remember I wanted to rent a car from them to go to the Delabole Wind Fair? Well, I had a long chat with the company's owner, Richard and they are ready to go now.

Richard's idea to start a green car rental company came to him about two years ago (I think many of our green ideas have taken about 2 years to get to this point!) and he now is offering franchises to business owners who will not only rent cars with the lowest carbon emissions, but the whole package they take on will have a green flavour: the offices will follow a 'greenprint' from the installation of low energy light bulbs in the offices right down to the recycle rubber flooring in the forecourts. The entire philosophy of a low carbon business will be followed to the letter to make sure they make the least possible impact on the environment.
If you are an environmentally conscious business and want to rent a fleet of cars or an individual wanting to rent a car for the weekend - like me - you can now do so with a green heart.
When you pick up your rental (or have it delivered to you - which ever takes the least energy!!) you get a short film on DVD on how to drive your car to get the best possible mileage!! I like that game. It can be a little distracting though as I spend far too much time looking at the little screen that tells you how many miles you can drive before you need to stop for petrol! Is that a 'girl thing' or just me?

I will certainly be renting a car from GREEN MOTION the next time I go out of town.


I recently found an ad in a glossy mag for ADILI clothing. OH JOY! I exclaimed! Finally there is an online catalogue of fashionable clothing that is produced as organically and ethically as possible. As we all know the fashion industry does not do well on the 'green gauge' (are you listening, PRIMARK?) However, all the products ADILI stock tackle at least one of the environmental and social issues involved in making, transporting and selling clothes. Hurrah!

I couldn't download any pictures (probably a security measure on their part ) so check out the site for yourself. They do stock yoga pants, of course, but they also have fantastic coats, separates, men's and kid's clothing and accessories that are RATHER gorgeous!!

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Thought you might get as excited as me about this new book coming out.
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