Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Is it all GREENWASHING? YOU decide....

To all my faithful followers, apologies, you will know I've been off the green scene these last few months. I've been very busy with my acting and writing - rent From Paris With Love - nuff said!
One of the other reasons I took a back seat is that it had become increasingly difficult to get enthusiastic about a lot of green talk and products because I felt
a lot of big companies were telling how eco/green they were but how were we to tell the difference.

I felt a big green band wagon had been jumped on and wanted to step back from the craziness for a while.
Below is an article based on a survey done that finds out if other people felt the same way...

A few weeks ago, a food distribution software review <> site started a survey to ask readers whether or not they care about a company's decision to green its supply chain. Based on the 125 responses they received, the answer is a resounding yes, which ought to be a given. After all, shouldn't everyone want companies to try harder to improve their practices? As some of the readers suggest, the best way to grab these companies' attentions is to vote with your wallet. If they follow through on their environmental promises, reward them with your dollars. If not, well, you know what to do.

The most interesting data comes from the choices voters
made regarding which aspect of a green supply chain they care about the most. While it is no surprise that old favorites like reducing fuel emissions and shifting to reusable packaging are important as ever, it is certainly interesting to see that the same people who feel so passionately about these topics care less about a company's ability to police its suppliers. What's more important to you?

You can see the results and participate in the ongoing surve
y yourself by clicking here

OK. It's Alexandra again:
Keep watching the blog again over the next few months. I plan on designing and building a houseboat. SHHHHHHhhhhhhh..... it's in the very early (drawing board) stages, but be assured it will be as green and eco as can be - solar panels, a wind turbine and all the green trimmings.

I will be posting photos and blogging war stories as I emb
ark (save the puns please!) on the green design adventure of a lifetime! And you will be able to read all about it right here. Check out my first elevation....

In the meantime - stay as green as you can!

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mark j said...

I very much agree! Its interesting to note how 'trendy' it is becoming and also how difficult it is to discern whether a company is trying to turn up the green just simply to gain more market share or increase sales. As a home builder, my industry to incredibly 'dirty' and I pride myself by daily taking stock of how we can, not simply be on the green train but rather really dig deep and make sure we are preserving this earth and doing more good than harm. It is a costly venture at times and takes a lot of time to do things the right way pertaining to environmental impact. Undoubtedly worth while though! To see some of the stuff we are up to check out our site -